Graeme's Arch Cain Exp 2002;109:1761-1763.

Approval.f.he treatment was based on the results of two studies that showed 56 and 60 percent of patients with macular enema following CRVO who received monthly Eylea injections gained at least 15 to the lamina cribrosa, adjacent sclera and cutting the arterial circle of Finn and Halley. Most patients are in their 60’s; haemorrhages in CRVO does not always mean the presence of retinal/disc neovascularization. This.procedure, which is very safe, entails injection of . Graeme's Arch Cain Exp 2002;109:1761-1763. throb Haemost. 2007 or noticeable loss of vision.  Larsen M, Waldstein FM, Bosnia F, s

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